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myoporum laetum hedge

The tree lot in Carmel Mountain will remain open until 9 pm until Christmas Eve when it will close early. Image – Wikimedia / Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz It is an evergreen tree (it loses its leaves little by little throughout the year, and not in a certain season) native to New Zealand. Grows in almost any soil. I was hoping you could solve a problem with my Myoporum laetum. Small, white, star-shaped flowers bloom in summer. Myoporum laetum (Mousehole tree) will reach a height of 6m and a spread of 3m after 10-20 years. Two years ago, three of the plants started to get a strange leaf curl. Myoporum is a genus of flowering plants in the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae. The stores will go back to regular winter hours on Sunday, December 20 th. The curl is very tight and affects most of the plants. USDA zones: 9 - 10 Sunset zones: 8, 9, 14 - 17, 19 - 24 Mature size: 20 - 30 feet high and 10 - 20 feet wide Leaves are glossy, bright green, and lance-shaped. (GOOD FOR: DRY, HEDGE, NATIVE, SHELTER, SUN, WIND) Double click … Glossy foliage. Saturday night, December 19 th will be the last night we will be open until 8 pm at Carmel Valley and Oceanside. Geographic subdivisions for Myoporum laetum: CCo, SCo, ChI, reported from NCo (Sonoma Co.) MAP CONTROLS 1. Plant database entry for Ngaio Tree (Myoporum laetum) with 4 images and 21 data details. Growing alone, it is a handsome multi-trunked plant. They are shrubs or small trees with leaves that are arranged alternately and have white, occasionally pink flowers and a fruit that is a … Very wind resistant small rounded tree to 6m, toplerates strong salt winds. Cultivation. I have 13 Myoporum trees as a 20-foot tall hedge. Leaves can be toxic to stock. Its scientific name is Myoporum laetum, although it is popularly known as myopore, evergreen or transparent. Fast growing. Details. Plant myoporum parvifolium 6 to 8 feet apart in well-drained clay, loamy or sandy soil. Myoporum species are found widely in Australia and the South Pacific. Resistant to thrip attack. There are 30 species in the genus, eighteen of which are endemic to Australia although others are endemic to Pacific Islands, including New Zealand, and one is endemic to two Indian Ocean islands. Beds and borders, Coastal, Drought Tolerant, Foliage only, Hedging/Screens, Salt tolerant, Sub-Tropical. Tolerates frost and dry soils. They are valuable on slopes thanks to their surface erosion … Myoporum is an Australian and Southeast Asia native, and we like to use them as a moderate growing ground cover on banks or slopes, where they blanket the area with a dense covering of light green leaves. Young twigs and leaves are bronze-green and sticky. Myoporum laetum 'Clean N Green' Thrips Resistant Coast Myoporum A large evergreen shrub that forms an upright hedge. Suggested uses. You can change the display of the base map and layers by clicking on the layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. Plant in free-draining soil in sun or light shade. This plant’s rapid growth, branching and spreading habit, and dense foliage make it useful as a thick, high screen or hedge. With a height of 12 inches and a spread of up to 9 feet, proper spacing at planting time is crucial. Common Name: Compact Coast Myoporum Botanical Name: Myoporum laetum 'Compactum' Family: Myoporaceae Origin: New Zealand (Australasia) California Native: No Plant Type: Shrubs Foliage Type: Evergreen CA Plant Climate Zone: 8,9,14-17,19-24 Hardy to Zone(s): 9-11 Winter Hardiness: 20-25° F Bloom Time: Summer Exposure: My arborist said it may look awful but the plants are not dead. It grows to a maximum height of 10 meters.

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